Accessories for mobile devices

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Accessoriers like holders, chargers, cases for tablet computers, smart phones and other mobile devices


  • Cases and shields

    Phone and tablet cases and shields

  • Holders

    Holders for mobile phones, tablet computers, tablets for use in a car, on a bike and elsewhere.

  • Chargers and suppliers

    Chargers and suppliers for smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices for use in-door (EU plug 220V) or in a car (standard lighter plug 12V)

  • Acessories for Apple devices
  • Screen protectors

    Premium tempered glass screen protectors for smartphones and tablets.

  • OTG cables and adapters

    OTG ("on the go") cables and adapters for connection of USB devices (usb flash drive, keyboard, mouse, ...) to your smartphone or tablet.

  • Other

    Stylus and gloves for capacitive screens, NFC chips, ...

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Products by page